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Golden Week gemstone jewelry sales of 317 million yuan

Silver sapphire rings
Relatively severe economic situation this year has not stopped the momentum of the Shanghai gold gemstone jewelry market continues to grow. Recently, the reporter learned from the Shanghai Gold gemstone rings jewelry Industry Association, the Golden Week this year, Shanghai's gemstone jewelry market reached 317 million yuan, 237 million yuan in the same period last year, up 33 percent. Old Phoenix, the two leading of the old temple of gold to continue a strong leader, Asia a jindian, Cheng Huang gemstone jewelry, Chow Tai Fook, Donghua diamonds gold shop to continue to closely follow, and sales surpassed 10 million yuan. Products, gold is still the top-selling product, platinum also showed good sales momentum.

  11 Golden Week, Old Phoenix, the old temple of gold sales reached 75.46 million yuan and 64.34 million yuan, compared to 2007 to continue growing. "Four Diamond" in Shanghai the other two - in Chenghuang gemstone jewelry and Asia a gold shop, as well as Chow Tai Fook, Chow Sang Sang, Tung Wah Group of diamonds and other brand-name enterprises, followed by sales of more than 10 million yuan. Shanghai established businesses silver floor, such as the winning numbers, Tempo dragon and phoenix, this Asian jindian, Jumbo Bank Building, in the Po Silver sapphire rings Kyushu such as gold, sales and good growth.
  Found that chain store sales increasing contributions from the various sales statistics. The old temple of gold chain-store sales of 33.78 million yuan, as much as 52% of the total sales, the proportion of Asia a gold shop chain, share of sales accounted for 37%, Cheng Huang gemstone jewelry for 32%, Tempo Dragon and up to 77%. In recent years, Shanghai several large gemstone jewelry store has been committed to the development of chain stores, in order to expand the sales volume from the current sales statistics, the effect is gradually reflected.
  Gold to maintain a strong mosaic, platinum gemstone jewelry selling
  High platform diving gold prices has not affected the enthusiasm of many people to buy gold products, but to stimulate further selling of gold products. From a statistical point of view of each company, the 11 Golden Week, half the proportion of sales to total sales of gold products. The old temple of gold, gold sales accounted for 50% and 55% in the Cheng Huang gemstone jewelry, CTF 45%, Kyushu, 49%, the Tempo Dragon and 46%, in about half.
  Similarly, falling platinum prices have also stimulated the sales of platinum. From statistics point of view, platinum basic maintained at about 20% the proportion of sales, divided by the platinum silver floor of the winning numbers of the mainstream products accounted for 50% of them, the old temple of gold, platinum sales accounted for 22%, Chow Tai Fook, 25%, Asia The gold shop accounts for 19%.
  In addition, mosaic gemstone jewelry is still followed gold's best-selling products. 23% of the total sales of the old temple of gold gemstone jewelry inlaid, Chow Tai Fook (30%), Cheng Huang gemstone jewelry accounted for 35%, a gold shop in Asia accounted for 34%, 26% winning numbers, 30% Tempo dragon and phoenix, the Tung Wah Group of diamonds up to 50%.
  Festival gathered more popular business none other to stimulate consumption
  The National Day Golden Week, Shopping Festival organized by the Shanghai Municipal Government, Tourism Festival, as well as industry associations of the Shanghai gold gemstone jewelry International gemstone jewelry Festival and fully gathered popularity, create a strong atmosphere of festive spending.
  According to statistics, during the Golden Week tourists reached 495 million people, the influx of a large number of people buy directly pull the jewelery sales. In order to meet the holiday sales, Shanghai jindian have to carry out various promotional activities. Such as Old Phoenix held the 16th Shanghai Jewellery Fair, the old temple of gold, only gold, fine gold "angel series of road shows, a gold shop in Asia to carry out my Asian one, my only" 15 anniversary themed events, Chow Tai Fook carried out bearing in mind the glorious heritage Dream "promotion, the winning numbers gemstone jewelry marriage ornaments launch of the" love set with the "large-scale marketing campaign, this sub-jindian carried out" fashion jewelery, wonderful this Asian Marketing activities are a strong stimulus to the Shanghai market gemstone jewelry sales.

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one of the world's top Ruby Jewelry

Ruby rings
More than a century, Breitling in the military, explorers, especially in the field of aviation to the world to provide precision timing instruments. Today, with a pair of wings logo Breitling is one of the world's top Ruby Jewelry.

  1884, Lyon. Bray Sterling in the Swiss Jura mountain of La Chaux-de-Fonds and founded the Breitling company. This is the first production of pocket sapphire Jewelry during World War I, the company began production of luminous Ruby Jewelry with countdown function . In 1923, Breitling company has successfully developed the first Ruby Jewelry with timing and independent of the zero function button. In the 1930s, with the rise of the air transport industry, the Breitling for aircraft manufacturing suppliers production cockpit dashboard timer, and has since had a close relationship with aviation enterprises. So far, Boeing, Lockheed and other well-known aircraft manufacturers, Breitling users.
  In 1936, the British Royal Air Force authorized Breitling is the designated supplier for the Air Force professional military flight Ruby Jewelry. In 1941, Breitling introduced with the rotating ring flying slider "Ruby Jewelry, and made the Swiss patent. This invention is a revolutionary breakthrough for the Ruby Jewelry function, so the pilot can perform simple arithmetic and conversion. World War II, many fighter equipped with a timer manufactured by Breitling. In 1952, Breitling introduced the "Navitimer Ruby Jewelry, in addition to timing, this sapphire Jewelry also provides the flight need all the computing capabilities. "Navitimer" series has since become Breitling selling the oldest Ruby Jewelry. 1960s, Breitling sapphire Jewelry have to follow the U.S. astronaut to orbit the earth orbital flight.

  In 1979, Ernest Schneider acquired Breitling company, inject new vitality for the old brand. Breitling Ruby Jewelry of the functionality of shine in the field of aviation, marine, diving and other, forming the "Navitimer", "Chronoliner", "Nightlight", "Professional" four series, it is also the world's only full line of timing products to provide official Swiss chronometer-certified Ruby Jewelry brands.
  Breitling sapphire Jewelry are highly professional, each a series of this century brand of precision technology with excellent crystallization process. Such as steel quartz diving Ruby Jewelry introduced in 1958, "Deep Sea", 1000 m water depth the pressure-resistant, its resistance to nitrogen pressure blasting technology in the case of decompression accumulation of nitrogen released from the sapphire Jewelry, to avoid sea water to penetrate the sapphire Jewelry . 1988 Breitling introduced the Emergency Ruby Jewelry, in a low temperature environment for 20-28 days to issue a pulse signal, the transmission range of 160 km, to facilitate the positioning of rescue personnel, emergency can be used for adventure activities. It is this constant pursuit of high precision, high strength and versatility to create a full range of the timing of a sea, land and air elephants in 120 years of Breitling

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classic sapphire engagement rings

sapphire rings
engagement Rings are using for the expression of your love's promise promise and commitment, classic sapphire engagement rings are also great choice for your style statement in your special day.
View our Amazing collection of classic and modern gemstone engagement Rings styles, Take advantage of the splendid Rings at Great prices. You can count at to give you nothing but the best sapphire rings, ruby rings, diamond rings etc. Order you own ring to ensure your special memories last forever.


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